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FESTIVALS  OBS-EBVIB IK HATHTOJu                                  17$
15.    Temple of Baladeva, near the Hardinge Arcbj built by Bald, Ahir, a
servant of Seth Laldimi Chand, as a dwe!Iiug-liouse5 about the year 1820, at a
cost of Bs. 50,000, and sold to Rae Bal, a baniya's wife,  -who converted it
into a temple.
16.    Temple of Mohan Jiin the Satghara Makalla, built jabont 70, years
ago by Kripa B&m, Bohra ;  more commonly known as Daakala Knnj, after
the Cbaube who was the founder's pnrohit.
17.    Temple of Madan Mohan, in the Asikimda Mahaila, built by Dhanraj^
Bohra, of Aligarh.
18.    Temple of Gobardhan Nath? in the Kans-kMr, built by Devi Das,
Bohra? of UraL
19.    Temple of Dirgha Vishnu,  by the street leading to the Bharat-piir
gate, built by Baja Fatni Mall of Banaras.
20.    The Sati Burj, or 6 faithful widow's tower,5 built by Raja Bhagavoa
Das in 1570.
21.    The mosque of Abd-un-Xabi Khan, built 1662.
22.    The mosque of AuraMgzeb, built 1669, on the site of the temple of
Kesava Deva.
CJioxt Sudi (April 1-15).
1.    CMU Sudi 8.—Bnrga" Ashtami. Held at the temple of Mahavidya Devi
2.    Cheat Sudi 9.—Bam NaTami    Held at the Bim Ji Dw&ra.
Sawdkk (April—May).
3.    Saisdkk Sudi 14.—Far Sioh Ml£     Held at Gor-p§ra, Manik Chauk3
and the temple of Bwirakadhis.
4.    BaisdkhfuU moon.—Perambulation of Mathmr^, called Ban-bihar, start-
ing from the Visrant Ghat; the only one made in the night.
5.    Jeth Sudi 10.—The Jeth Basahara.    In the middle of the day, bath*
ing at the Dasasyamedli Ghat; in the evening kite-lying from the Gokarnes-
Y-ar hill.
6.    Jeth full moon.—-Jal-jtitra*   All the principal people bring the water
for the ablution of the god into the temples on their own shoulders im little
silver urns.